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A New Heart Healthy Ingredient

Heartbran® is a novel patented food ingredient in the US, Europe, Singapore, Israel, Australia, Mexico, Japan & Canada. The ingredient is a combination of whole rice bran (including the plant sterol, gamma oryzanol & fiber), vitamins and omega 3 rich fish oil in a stabilized powder system. The combination of the 3 heart healthy factors into one system is unique in the food ingredient. Specifications of the 3 components vary according to the application.  An additional benefit is the ability to use the ingredients in gluten-free & natural food applications, as well as dietary supplements. The ingredient is suitable for addition to yogurt-type smoothies, cereal, bars, snacks, bakery and ready to eat meals. Microencapsulation is employed for taste masking of the vitamins and the fish oil. Creativity is used to bring the ingredient to R&D departments in a food system that will be consumer acceptable. Much of the flavor work will be done before presentation to companies so that the taste has already been proven, lessening the burden on product development teams.

A double-blind, placebo controlled clinical study has been completed by the Pennington Biomedical Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that explored the scientific claims of the product. The findings were presented at the Experimental Biology meeting on April 4, 2005 in San Diego. See the science page for an abstract of the poster presentation.
In August of 2006, a focus group study of celiac sprue patients in Baton Rouge, Louisiana were presented with several Light Heart® brand retail ready items and stated that they would look for the brand in different sections of a store such as Whole Foods Market.  In January of 2007, Light Heart dietary supplement, chocolate bars for heart & digestive health were test marketed in Whole Foods Markets in Southern California with good success in the gluten free and bar sections of the stores.  By year end 2008, the bars were ready for national launch with a shelf life of 1 year.


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Rice Bran

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